• YOLO True!!

    "Volleyball is just a more intensed version of 'don't let the balloon touch the floor'"

  • OMG Fact

    "You never realise how weird I am until you try to describe me to someone else."

  • LOL Random thought

    "What if Oxygen makes our voice really deep... And Helium just brings it back to normal?"

Never judge a book by its cover:

Isn't it dreadful just thinking about how you love (and reminded yourself constantly to remember) some very good as well as wise lines in a book and couple of years afterward you will have no idea that you've even read that book?

Unlike the provious two pages, this one will allow you - visitors of this website - to upload your own favourite quotes from books onto this website!

Although it will have to be in a picture form so its layout will be just like the turquoise page😕.

Scoll down to see what I mean!😝 Only picture files accepted!!

Hi guys! My name is Jennivine Chen, currently living in Sydney since 2016.

I LOVE Computer Science and well.. SCIENCE!!😍 I enjoy Design Technology, Art and some sports as well.

I started this website purely for my passion in computing. Have fun exploring it.